A Brief Introduction to Conveyors

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-08-24
At the basic level conveyors are instruments which help in moving goods from one part to another. Industries and factories are heavily dependent on these kinds of instruments as it significantly helps in reduction of human efforts at the grass root level. Not only it helps in reduction of cost and man power, it saves a huge portion of man hours which would have spent if ordinary workers were implemented. The biggest benefit of these conveyor belts is that it helps in reduction of accidents and the risk of injury which would have been sustained by carrying heavy materials. In a nutshell the conveyors prove to be the lifeblood of any factory or industry. There are a huge variety of conveyor belts which are available across the world and this article would be taking up some of the popular ones which are being used. Industrialists and factory professional prefer few of the popular Flexible Conveyor designs which are available in the market with the likes of Gravity Conveyors, chain conveyor, vibrating conveyor and the most popularly, the famous conveyor belt. The following of this article of the article would be taking into account some of these aforementioned conveyor systems. Gravity conveyors This type of conveyors comprises a series of rollers which are attached to a metal frame. This is a type of conveyor which comes in two basic shapes namely straight and curved. As these kinds of conveyors are not motorised gravity takes up the role of moving the objects from point A to B. These conveyors are inclined in such an angle; the objects are able to move from one place to another. These conveyors are not appropriate for all kinds of production settings. Gravity conveyors are a common feature at automotives and food processing industries. Belt Conveyors These types of conveyors are driven by electric motors, which can be run at variable speeds. It is quite common feature at airports for mobilising luggage to and fro the flight and the port. They are also useful at packaging units and are regular features at groceries and departmental stores. These belts are used for loading and unloading objects. Vibrating Conveyors The whole mechanism for these kinds of conveyors is based on the aspect of vibration. Free flowing materials can be transferred through this medium. Food items such as granules as well as metal scraps are transported in this way. Materials which are extremely corrosive in nature can well be transported through this measure. Screw Conveyor These instruments take up the helical shape of a screw, which helps in transportation of the liquid and granular material. Wood chips and cereal grains are conveyed through this kind of conveyor. This conveyor can be used for difficult to use materials. Pneumatic Conveyors Air is the main medium by which this kind of conveyor acts. Air pressure is being used for transporting of the materials. Powdered and granular items can easily be transferred. This mechanism is common in chemical, food industry as well as ceramic industries. If you are planning to have more knowledge on conveyors, go online for a thorough research.
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