A Summary Of Bagasse And Its Uses In Compostable

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-08-23
Today's post will give you a quick summary of bagasse and bagasse biodegradable food containers. We are going to subsequently present three short points detailing why we support using bagasse biodegradable food service ware. Bagasse Overview - Bagasse, in the event that you don't already know, is a left-over by-product of the sugar cane juice extraction process. Basically, sugar cane when it's taken to a facility to be refined, is squeezed for its liquid and the outstanding fibrous product is bagasse. Bagasse has customarily simply been dumped in the trash or it has been put to use as a fuel in some manufacturing facilities to run the sugarcane manufacturing process; however unfortunately, as part of being employed as a fuel, it emits various pollutants straight into the environment. Today, bagasse is being turned into biodegradable food containers. Here are several quick reasons detailing why we're fans of bagasse compostable bowls and food packaging. #1 - Sustainability. Bagasse is derived from sugarcane which happens to be an annually renewable plant. Sugarcane develops quite quickly and by making use of it in compostable bowls & compostable food containers you are preventing it from either getting discarded or getting used as a fuel source which will release toxins into the natural environment. #2 - If you've by chance held a bagasse biodegradable food container previously or if you've gotten a good look at a bagasse biodegradable plate, you will have observed that it has a really organic appearance. The biodegradable plates molded from bagasse are textured and they truly do look very natural. This is crucial particularly when bagasse biodegradable food containers land up in municipal composting centers (which is a key part of realizing the eco benefits of bagasse). Once they land in those facilities, it is quite simple to identify that the biodegradable plate was produced from bagasse, that it does belong in a commercial composting facility, that it's going to biodegrade, and that it should not be sorted out of that composting center. #3 - The 3rd reason why we are big fans of bagasse is simply the quality of the products. Bagasse biodegradable food containers are incredibly durable. They are really strong and certainly one of the best things about them in addition is that they hold up to temperatures north of 150 degrees fahrenheit extremely well. You can place very hot chili into a bagasse product; actually you can put a range of hot food or liquids in bagasse and you're going to see a tiny bit of perspiration beneath the bowl, but otherwise it really is going to hold that heated food extremely well. So, that's our summary of bagasse and bagasse food containers. If you'd like, you may learn more regarding bagasse and corn biodegradable food containers and where to buy bagasse biodegradable plates.
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