Aluminum foil bag, foil bag

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-29
Aluminum foil bag: refers to the aluminum foil and other composite plastic film and bag, generally with the compound plastic film has two kinds of CPP, PE, aluminum foil bag material difference between ordinary use AL + PE, chemical stability, high separation have facial mask, avirulent insipidity, commonly used to packing bags, leisure food packaging. Cooking class material with AL + CPP, due to the high stiffness of the CPP than PE, moisture and odor barrier property is good, can not decompose at high temperature, not torn bags, so often used to open a bag of ready-to-eat meat and vegetarian packaging. Aluminum foil bag with strong shading, non-toxic tasteless, high barrier property characteristics, so often used in food packing, daily necessities, cosmetics packaging, chemical products such as tin foil bag it is the main component of tin, aluminum, tin is aluminium alloy, have very good smooth finish and reflective heat, thermal conductivity is one of the best, at the barbecue, can often see the role of the foil, food package in outer layer, not only keep the food cooked quickly and heated evenly and/or rich, is not easy to get cold, a sharp rise in the food taste.
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