Analysis on phenomenon of bag expansion

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-01
Some food enterprises often take food packaging bags with wrinkles on the surface or with partial delamination phenomenon, which have already occurred in the phenomenon of bulging bags, to claim compensation from flexible packaging materials enterprises. The reason is that there are wrinkles on the surface of the packaging bags or partial delamination, it enables the external air to enter the inside of the packaging bag through PE or CPP film with bad air resistance from these parts, causing deterioration of the contents. Sometimes, some food processing enterprises will claim for compensation from flexible packaging enterprises with food packaging bags that have intact appearance but have already expanded bags, on the grounds that the packaging bags used are not good in gas barrier, resulting in deterioration of the contents.

The phenomenon of bag expansion of food packaging bags indicates that the contents have undergone serious deterioration problems, and also proves that the packaging bags used have good sealing performance (Good gas barrier and good sealing strength). If the sealing of the packaging bag is not firm or there is a break on the surface of the bag, it is normal for the contents to deteriorate, but the phenomenon of expanding the bag will never happen.

any packaged food that is easy to deteriorate usually contains sufficient water (Water is a necessary condition for microbial reproduction), And the remaining microorganisms are anaerobic bacteria ( Anaerobic bacteria can survive and reproduce in an oxygen-free environment, and the advantages and disadvantages of the oxygen resistance of the packaging bag do not work here. The degree of vacuum pumping of the packaging bag has nothing to do with whether the contents deteriorate or not). Although some of the packaging has been boiled, because the microorganisms and spores are not all killed, under suitable conditions, these microorganisms and spores will reproduce. If the packaged food after high temperature cooking still has the phenomenon of bag expansion, it can only show that the microorganisms and spores in the packaging bag have not been completely killed under the cooking conditions used, however, it cannot be explained that there is something wrong with the packaging bag used.

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