Basic knowledge of nylon vacuum bag

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-02-28
Nylon vacuum bag is nylon vacuum packed bag, nylon (Nylon) The English abbreviation NY is also often called PA in the flexible food packaging industry, so NY and PA mean the same thing. It is the largest and most important material in the engineering plastics industry and is widely used.

vacuum bag even if the packaging industry is commonly known as the vacuum bag, the air in the bag is pumped out by physical principles, and then the products to be packaged are packaged. This kind of packaging is collectively referred to as the vacuum packaging bag. Nylon vacuum bags are generally made of PA/PE or NY/PE or PET/NY/PE, which are widely used in meat packaging, frozen food packaging and other products.

The products packed with nylon vacuum bags have the functions of high barrier, strong flexibility, good antistatic effect, high transparency, etc, it also has the advantages of strong puncture resistance, good sealing performance, not easy to age, etc. Moreover, the nylon material is customized with a lower length, so the minimum order quantity of nylon vacuum bags customized by the packaging factory is also relatively small, it is suitable for each level of packaging demand.

In today's era of pursuing perfection, nylon vacuum bags have an extraordinary advantage of little harm to the environment and human body, which is also the reason why everyone likes to choose such bags for packaging.
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