Causes and Solutions of bubble phenomenon in food composite packaging bags

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-05

Food packaging bags are generally printed in the form of multi-layer composite materials, but in the production process, they often encounter various problems, such as product bubbles in the composite process. To analyze the cause of the bag bubble, we need to analyze the data through experiments and which steps in the experiment will cause this phenomenon to occur in order to find a way to solve it. Next, we will take the electronic product packaging bag made of PET12/AL7/NY15/MIPE60 as an example for analysis.

in the production process of electronic product packaging bags, the first day of composite PET and AL, we did not find the phenomenon of bag bubbles; The next day, NY and MIPE were continuously compounded, and there was no bubble problem; After production, it was placed at room temperature in the workshop for 2 days, and no quality problems were observed; Then send it to the curing room for 48 hours. When making bags on 6th Day, it is found that the surface of the composite film is banded with bubbles, and the bubbles occur between nylon and pure aluminum.
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