Choose a Good Dog Food

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-08-15
Dried food choices are quite varied. Every pet shop / pet store online subscriptions we must provide instructions for us to choose. In general there is one principle that we must grasp. However good our dry dog food, never have the perfect nutrition. The problem, as dried or dried dog food kibble that has been processed at very high temperatures - an average above 130 degrees Celsius. Any brand of dry dog food will definitely lose a lot of vitamins and nutrients with a high temperature like that. In fact, we must realize that dogs are carnivores that we still need meat as a source of major nutrients. Except that, they need the nutrients from raw meat that might have been lost in the high temperature processing. And, every dog breed has a level requirement of different nutrients. This is apparently not considered by food manufacturers. It was very absurd one type of dry kibble would be suitable for all kinds or breeds of dogs. In particular also, our dogs have an unfortunate reputation in the skin. Fur and skin is very sensitive. Dog skin is very easily distracted and prone to allergies. And, once his skin is disturbed, it is very difficult to treat. For that, the selection of food quality must be considered once. So in choosing a pet food store should be observant, such as online pet stores and pet shops delivery. So, unless we have to substitute the Golden us with good quality meat (meaning meat quality level as the quality of meat we eat), we need to be very clever to choose foods that are offered. First, we must read the table composition is usually listed on food packaging. As a grip, that component is written first (or top) usually means a major component or with the greatest composition. So, we must choose the type of dog food which contains the first seven components of more than two kinds of meat. Instead, choose a dog food with the first component of chicken meat, poultry, sheep, or the other. However, some rogue companies are usually smart enough to include meat as the first component, but probably relatively minor. Second, not all the same type of meat quality. Low quality meat is usually more difficult to digest. This usually causes a lot of dirt and soft. For that, you should avoid dog food that uses a by-product or the remnants of the slaughter of animals. Usually, this consists of chicken feet, intestines, neck, head, and half chicken. It is also possible animal waste. It's all kind of meat is not good. Foods with components such as these should be avoided. Third, preservatives. Animal protein that is widely used by food manufacturers need to be preserved dry. This process is certainly reasonable. However, we must avoid the type that uses a process of preservation with chemicals, such as ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT. Indeed, the chemicals are allowed by the FDA (Food and Drug Agency, the United States) to be used, but the substance above has been proven to cause cancer. Look for dog foods are preserved by natural processes or natural. It's much safer. Fourth, not less important to note is the expired date of the foods listed on the packaging. Strive to get the food that its expired date listed on the packaging is still about three months or more. Because, if the dog food with natural preservatives are already expired, then the dog food that would be toxic to the foods preserved with chemicals above. It is no less important here is the pet store. Usually, an experienced pet stores will provide quality pet food, such as an online service of Indonesia. Fifth, it specially for Golden, after the age of four months, they should be given food with protein and fat levels are not too high. Highest protein content allowed is 26%. Because the amount of protein and fat are too high will make the growth of our dogs, which includes this great breed, grow too fast. This usually causes the growth of joints are not perfect. But there are also experts who say that the higher the fat content is too, not proteins, which disrupt the dog's health.
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