Choosing Kindle Cases For Your Ebook Reader

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-08-15
There are many good reasons why e-book readers buy Kindle cases: to protect the device from bumps and knocks, to express individuality and for a change from dull grey. When looking for a case, make sure you shop for the right model. The Kindle, Touch and Fire aren't all the same size and the older Kindle Keyboard and DX models differ too. Book cover-style cases give you book-like easy reading. Shaped like the sleeve of a hardcover, your e-reader is fastened by corner straps inside the back cover. A 'secret diary' clasp may hold the book closed when not in use. Book covers are sold an inspiring variety of elegant and witty designs. Classic leather in all shades from executive black to elegant white, vibrant red, pink and blue, animal prints and antique tooled book covers. The 'false book' lets you take self-expression even further with the faux cover of a classic. Most of these are also sold in less expensive leather-look (also called leather-style and vegan leather). All tastes are satisfied with microfiber, damask and even natural hemp options; shop around until you find the case that feels good to touch. The folio-style jacket is ideal if you're on the move and take your book everywhere with you, reading on the train or while you wait for an appointment. The folio protects the Kindle, may include a wallet and a credit card holder and closes with a secure band. Available in a wide range of colors and materials, some also have a handy wrist strap. A case with a stand is heaven for the bookworm who can't put the book down for dinner. Open up the stand support to the perfect angle for reading hands-free. This is particularly good for the Kindle Fire model where you can find stands optimized for reading landscape format. Because the tablet uses the e-ink display, reading in low light is difficult. This is easily solved with a small reading lamp. Some covers come with this included. The book light clips on to the front jacket cover for easy night-time reading. The sleeve-style case is light-weight and low bulk. Simply slide the device into the protective slip-pouch. A neoprene pouch is well-suited for travel as it's shockproof and provides moisture protection. It's sold in plain shades or racy, reversible patterns (turn the cover inside out for a whole new look!) Silicon sleeves are unbeatable for ultra-light, ultra-slim protection with the added bonus that it feels terrific in the hand. Stick on Kindle skins do not protect against bumps and knocks but they are a great way to spruce up a device. Remember that they don't replace Kindle cases, but are a great compliment to a sleeve.
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