Common food sack says

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-22
This article mainly explain common food packaging application layer distribution. Special food sack type is a lot of: 1, such as rice bags, millet packaging bags, seed bags, PET grains bags, if more than 2 kg, built using BOPA/PE or PET/BOPA/PE, BOPA strong tensile resistance, high resistance to oxygen, and the texture is soft. 2, high temperature cooking bags, including bags within the marinated egg bags, grilled chicken, roast duck in the bags, burning pigeons in bags, chicken leg inside the cooked food packaging bags, such as packaging use BOPA/RCPP use more, because of BOPA and RCPP all have high temperature resistance, in 121 degrees. 30 minutes of high temperature, 131 degrees, 30 minutes in the high temperature, no problem. Also has the customer to reflect the grade of the product packaging, will use a BOPA/AL/RCPP. Food and the thickness of the plastic bags to reach a certain degree to ensure the food flavor, this is related to its material, also have the sealing performance. The thickness of the plastic bags used for food packaging to achieve a certain degree, otherwise can't complete packaging.
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