Content introduction to food packaging printing matters needing attention

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-18
Food packaging printing in addition to the bag itself, and pay attention to the printing content, food packaging bags are batch production, if the information is printed, it is easy to cause estimate of losses, so the content of prepackaged information display is particularly important. According to the 'food safety' act 1. Sales of packaged food or food additive without tags; 2. Pre-packaged food labels express or implied with functions of disease prevention or treatment; 3. Food labels content and the actual situation is not in conformity with the ( Such as production date fraud) ; 4. Operating import pre-packaged food without Chinese label. Qualitative basis 'food safety law' article 42: pre-packaged food shall have a label on the package. Labels shall clearly indicate the following items: 1. Name, specification, net content, date of production; 2. Ingredient or ingredients; 3. Producer's name, address, contact way; 4. Shelf life. 5. Product standard number; 6. Storage conditions; 7. The use of food additives in the common name in the national standard; 8. Production license number; 9. Laws, regulations and other matters of food safety standards shall be marked. We look at life in case one day, Qingdao districts food and drug administration law enforcement personnel check districts of Qingdao is a restaurant, the restaurant kitchen safely after inspection, found that when food ingredients shelves to store some food flavoring packaging without Chinese label, the site does not provide a source of the food raw material information and related notes. Case law enforcement personnel above the on-site pictures and record. Upon the approval of the charge, initiate the investigation. After the check, the unity of the parties in a dry and purchases south Korean imports of the above food raw materials, purchase amount totaled 4775 yuan, because for dressing, use food raw material operating profit cannot be computed. According to the store said: the food raw material purchase settlement by the company, did not provide invoices, delivery note only. Hence to its corresponding punishment, 1. Confiscation is not in conformity with the food safety standards of food raw material. 2. Fine of $20000. A dime is similar to the above case, although there are thousands of big to hundreds of thousands of penalty amount is small, but the punishment process information is public, lost credibility, lost the trust of the consumers or the masses, has lost the most fundamental competitiveness and the basic foothold. So choose a powerful packaging manufacturers, is very important, besides can provide relevant production qualification, also can give customers some good advice, after all, often do food grade flexible packaging bags, food safety knowledge and some unseen pit, we've seen, walk! Southern new packaging manufacturer can not only give you a perfect wedding clothes, you also can do solid shield.
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