Cup Sealing Film

Cup sealing film is a great way to build your brand and increase customer loyalty. Cup sealer film with your logo also give your product a professional appearance and costs less than traditional lids. We have PEP/CPP and Paper films available for custom printing, and if you want easy peel film for jelly, we have different material structure for that.

Plastic cup sealing film is widely used to seal a variety of different products such as bubble tea, coffee, smoothies, soybeans milk, frozen yogurt, jelly, pure water etc. It's a cost-effectivene way to help your brand outstanding.

Guangdong Nanxin Printing & Packaging supplies a full array of packaging film from ISO 9001 certified manufactures, including specially engineered films, ensuring quality and consistency. Our sales specialist will help you to find the ideal materials to fill your product perfectly.

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