Different Kinds of Pouches

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-08-12
Different pouches have different roles in our everyday life. Though there main utility lies in the kitchen, to store and keep different eating material but can also be used for multiple use as well. Most of our grocery comes in Gusset pouches because they are properly sealed and are made of high quality plastic and comes with an air tight cap. From our ketchup to cooking oil everything comes under the packaging of Gusset pouches. One does not require emptying these pouches into containers and can be used directly. Once the cooking product finishes they can be thrown and a new one is bought. Ziplock pouches are mostly used to keep things in air tight plastic pouch bags. Freshly sliced vegetables are kept in it. Besides that one can also use Ziplock pouches to keep their silver or gold jewelry to save it from getting it oxidized. Most of the pouches are made into plastic as they are cheap to buy, air tight and can preserve things for a longer period of time. Foil pouches are becoming very popular as such pouches are used to keep cooked food and can be taken to office and school. They keep the food warm for a longer time as air cannot pass through it and the coating of silver foil keeps the heat within the pouch. Sometimes it becomes a hassle to keep lunch boxes in a bag as they occupy lot of space and foil pouches solve this problem as they require minimum space. The kitchen becomes more manageable with these pouches as little products can be kept easily which otherwise are kept in bowls or other cutlery occupying space in fridge and slab making kitchen look messy. These days printed pouches are available in many designs that are very appealing to the eyes. They come in many colors with different motifs and prints on its cover. FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies have introduced funky prints on their cover of different products. For example if the product is meant for kid's consumption, then cartoon characters are printed with bright colors. Thus, pouches are an essential product which makes our daily life easy as they are easy to storage. They help us keep things in a packet rather than storing it loosely. Besides plastic pouches that are most useful, paper pouches and cloth pouches are also available.
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