Differentiating Between an Original Sennheiser

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-08-10
Sennheiser is one of the most respected companies in the audio product industry and they have an immense experience in bringing the public excellent devices with superior sound quality technology. The Sennheiser microphone, be it personal or professional, is among the most commonly used sound recording and communication items, whether on stage or for live performances. The features that recommend the vast majority of Sennheiser microphone models are clarity and sound boost, clear bass, high frequency response, integrated shock mounts for mitigating the handling noises and many more. However, a professional Sennheiser microphone does not come cheap and there are countless attempts to replicate their products, which can rarely produce the same quality in terms of sound. Therefore, a customer who wants to get the very best out of his investment should learn how to steer clear of Sennheiser microphone copies and always purchase the real thing. The following short guide will help you learn the basics of differentiating between original and fake Sennheiser products, but it is necessary to keep in mind that some replicas are extremely similar to the original in all aspects but sound quality. So, what can help customers spot a fake Sennheiser copy right from the start? The first clue comes from examining the package in which the microphone was delivered. Keep in mind that Sennheiser is a major company and their packaging is nothing short of professional. Therefore, in the eventuality that the printing on the box is blurred or in the eventuality that the writing is unreadable or contains spelling mistakes, the odds that you are dealing with a Sennheiser replica are rather high. In case no clues can be found by examining the exterior of the package, it's time to go deeper and open the box. Among the first things you will want to verify is the handbook that contains the technical specifications of the Sennheiser microphone model you have purchased. The handbook can provide important evidence as to whether the microphone is a fake if you match it against the specifications of the model that can be found on the manufacturer's website. In other words, when the specs inside the package do not match the one's found on the Sennheiser website, it is clearly a replica. However, if they do, then you will also need to search the box for the warranty documentation, as most of the Sennheiser microphones have one. Next, verify whether the entire set of features described on the Sennheiser is included in the packaging. One of the trademarks of this company is that they usually provide a complementary pouch for easy storage. At the same time, some models come with a clip on. The last step in verifying whether the Sennheiser microphone you acquisitioned is genuine implies weighing it. The weight and other dimensions of the model can also be checked on the company's site. When all the aspects depicted in this guide match, you can be sure that you purchased an original Sennheiser microphone. Although a bit lengthy, this process is among your only means of determining of whether you have made a worthwhile investment in a high quality piece of audio recording equipment or not.
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