Do Identify Plastic Packaging to Reduce The Harm

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-08-10
In nowadays, bottled instant noodles, milk tea, various kinds of bottle drink, mineral water and so on exist in our life. The plastic packaging is more and more in our daily life. When people are enjoying the convenient of instant food, sometimes will worry about the plastic packaging's harm, what's more, news which spread on web that someone got gastric cancer due to eating instant noodle for a long term that has enlarge the worry. Dose the plastic packaging really as horrible as the description? An expert said during interview, under normal condition, plastic packaging is safe, what should be pay attention to is that some wrong using way will make it be dangerous. A post that spread on website: a female college student continuously eating instant noodles before examination, owing to the undesirable dietary habit and disciplinary work and rest way, adding with despise to stomach pain, when she do checking at hospital, she was diagnosed as later period of gastric cancer. This news cause worry of people, though experts pointed out that cancer is a long term, that there is no evidence that the gastric cancer is caused by eating instant noodle. However, many people transfer the worry to the packaging of instant noodles that 'due to eating bottled noodles, the stomach wall will be bestrewed with a layer of wax.' There is a hearsay that the inside wall of bottled noodles packaging is painted with wax. In fact, everyone who have ate bottle instant food will found that the inside wall of packaging is very smooth just like painted with wax. 'Not wax, it is PE layer.' The expert in province QC institution explained,' the raw material of bottled instant food is paperboard, as we all known, paperboard is not a leakproof material. To bear the hot water, there must be a PE layer on the inside wall.' Then under the stimulation of hot water, will paint layer resolve harmful material? Expert explains that PE which is extensively using in food packaging is relatively safe. Mention to this, people are at ease and they think that common seen drink bottle packaging is safe, and from saving aspect, the plastic bottle can be reused. If you have a kind of this idea, that is wrong, the expert told us that the packaging material of bottle is PET, under normal temperature, the plastic bottle is safe, if you reuse it for a long time, and then there will be harmful material. So after drink water, you can throw the bottle into trash can. Without the convenient food, the most common plastic packaging in our daily life is plastic bag. If the plastic bag is using to put food which will enter mouth directly, we should pay much more attention. How can we identify the plastic bag is PE or PVC? First is eye test, the plastic bag of PE is lacte, touching the surface; you will feel lubrication, tacky one is usually PVC. Second, shake the plastic bag with power, if the sound is clear and melodious, that is PE, if the sound is small, then the material is PVC. Paying attention to the packaging of food, you will be safer.
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