DVD Duplication For People In The Music And Video

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-08-13
The business of DVD Duplication has shown tremendous growth in the last decade. It has virtually eliminated the VHS as the standard media for providing entertainment content or for use in marketing communication. The techniques used in copying DVDs are significantly different from the methods used in the earlier format and is far more cost-effective. The first step would be to take videos or data from the original file and transferring it to a CD or a DVD-R. First a disc image is created using a computer application which is then burned or copied to another disc. This disc-image is a single file which contains all the information to be copied to the DVD-R. Once the disc-image is transferred to the DVD, a number of copies can be made using it. Any of these copies can be used to make further copies. This process of creating numerous copies is called DVD duplication. It is very useful for people in the business of producing music or videos with a need to reach the market effectively and quickly. It is a cost-effective and efficient method of producing up to 1000 DVDs. The process has improved with the introduction of high- speed digital, 6-color-UV- cured disc-printers. Artwork can be modified inexpensively and more discs can be printed immediately along with the changes made and marketed. After spending so much time and effort on the contents, it is very important to provide eye-catching DVD Packaging to the finished product. There are many packaging options available for every need whether it is corporate, retail, for product promotion or even a giveaway. Film distribution companies spend huge amounts on promotion and advertising and make certain that the cover of the DVD is visually appealing and irresistible to the potential buyer. The packaging should reflect the pace, tone and style of the movies within. The old plastic packaging has given way to innovative materials and styles. PVC or paper covers are the simplest and most cost effective. Cardboard wallets use plain, over printed or recycled boards. Clamshell covers are made of soft plastic and are a popular option when no paper parts are involved. A standard 14mm DVD case comes in a variety of colors, can hold up to 6 discs and also accommodate printed booklets or slicks. It is also available in a 7mm slim-line version. Packaging plays an important role in the marketing of any multimedia product. Therefore a lot of time and effort is spent on effective packaging solutions in order to give a boost to the marketing campaign.
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