Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Applications

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-08-07
The expanded polystyrene is flexible, lightweight and protective, which make it a favourite option for shipping. The expanded polystyrene is made mostly of polystyrene around 90 to 95% and rest of 5 to 10% is made of gaseous agent. The gaseous content can be of carbon dioxide and pennant. The plastic expands when exposed to steam heat and newly formed foam is used for packaging. The melds and pre-cut wires from machines vaporise the expanded polystyrene foam, which can be cut easily in a variety of styles. Whether you want to have packaging foam in asymmetrical shape or in linear and straight edge shapes, curves and circular shape and size can be made easily. The expanded polystyrene is available in a variety of densities and insulation, which make it a cost effective packaging option for a wide range of industries. The polystyrene flame retardant material is also available for packaging sensitive products at that too at no extra cost. The Polyurethane foams are also available for packaging, automotive, acoustic and industrial use. The wide range of densities, colour and specifications of polyurethane foam is used in less technologically demanding applications. The recycled scrap foam is used to produce reconstructed foam on various grades, densities and colours. The low cost packaging solutions are largely offered by this kind of foam. The Closed Cell Polyethylene Foams is used for high value component packaging by electronic and telecommunication industries as well as leisure and sports applications. The Plastazote, Evazote and Ethafoams are chemical and water resistant, insulative and absorb energy. The packaging foam with anti-static, flame retardant and conductive features is also available for packing goods. These packaging foam varieties help in transiting goods and save a lot of money lost by damage of goods during transit. Secure shipping is needed for maintaining good will and credibility in business. Expanded polystyrene not only ensures safe transit but its cost effective feature easily suits a wide variety of business. The industries doing good deal of transit through shipping can buy the expanded polystyrene in bulk and further reduce the cost by getting discount on volume order. The internet sales and business trend rely heavily on shipping of the orders properly to the destination. The individuals and businesses need to ship some of the valuable and expensive items but the breakages in between during the transit result in huge losses. Now, with the help of expanded polystyrene any kind and specifications product can be easily shipped without any damage.
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