Five trends in food packaging industry in 2019

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-03

There are five trends that will continue to have a profound impact on food packaging and related industries in 2019: The importance of sustainable development is increasing day by day; The need for supply chain transparency; The rise of new barrier coating packaging technology; Continuous attention to light packaging; The importance of barrier-free Kaifeng.

1. The importance of sustainable development is increasing day by day

besides quality, sustainable development is also one of the most important needs of consumers. AsiaPulp & A recent survey conducted by Paper showed that more than half of 56% of Americans said they preferred to buy products with sustainable packaging. In addition, 42% of Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, and nearly 60% also said they are looking for ways to wrap gifts with recycled materials. Therefore, sustainable packaging is a very important trend and will continue to grow in 2020.

consumers' preference for sustainable packaging is affecting their purchase intention. Sustainable Packaging has very important environmental and business significance for brands and companies. Therefore, brands must take conscious and forward-looking measures to further improve the sustainability of product packaging; If they don't do this, they may hand over their customers to companies that give priority to sustainable packaging.

2. Demand for supply chain transparency

in order to avoid potential damage to corporate reputation, the overall relationship between customers and shareholders caused by costly environmental and legal violations. An important area that brands must give priority to in 2019 is supply chain transparency. Improving the traceability of packaging throughout the supply chain is one of the key ways for brands to further improve sustainable packaging. Brands can communicate how to regulate resources and communicate to consumers how they can achieve supply chain traceability in procurement, transportation and cycle cycles. In order to give customers a clearer understanding of how to better recycle packaging materials, brands can also enhance label instructions. In addition, enterprises can expand secondary utilization by manufacturing reusable packaging, and create a positive brand Association effect from a more environmentally friendly purchase decision.

3. The rise of new barrier material/coating technology

paper and paperboard is expected to have great growth in the next few years. According to the current trend, the annual growth rate of this industry will be as high as 6% by 2017. By then, the world will have a paper output worth 700 US dollars and more than 3000 tons. Although this is a great good news for the development of the packaging industry, it also poses a challenge to the brand: how to ensure the safe and effective use of coating technology in such packaging, especially when in contact with food.

brands will continue to focus on developing new barrier technologies that are renewable, easy to recycle, biodegradable, or preferably all three. In order to obtain the balance of giving priority to the above recyclability and renewability, some brands are exploring and implementing barrier technologies for bioplastics and water-based coatings. In 2015, the new barrier technology will surely become a key business of brand packaging.

4. Continuous attention to light packaging

in order to achieve sustainable development and cost savings throughout the entire supply chain, many industries including food and beverage, more and more stressed reduce packaging weight. Light packaging is very important to promote the sustainable development of the environment, so brands must ensure the effective application of this technology to balance the environmental impact with the consumer experience. The evolution of light packaging, also called 'packaging efficiency model', is an example. This model provides an overall analysis method that can cover the whole packaging life cycle.

Importantly, the model takes into account the following factors and resources used in the production; Product protection; Transport and display efficiency; Ways to provide a positive consumer experience; And the impact on the end of life. Looking forward to 2015, it is very important for brands to balance the requirements of sustainable development, durability guarantee, light weight and complete customer experience.

5. The importance of barrier-free opening

Everyone has encountered packaging that is difficult to open. Whether it is difficult to unpack the toy or the old man who is laborious to dismantle the medicine, it is a clear demand to reduce the unsealing of different types of packaging. Companies have found that preventing Kaifeng barriers is a way to ensure and build customer loyalty. The simplest solution is to use a package that can be opened without any tools. In 2015, brands must continue to realize that it is necessary to combine packaging that is not difficult to open with packaging solutions that can shorten time and reduce trouble. On the contrary, it may lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction and adversely affect the overall performance.

Although the above trends cannot provide a detailed list of the development of the packaging industry in 2015, we still hope that these descriptions can be used as an effective framework, to remind suppliers which issues should continue to be paid attention to and given priority. Understanding these trends and properly integrating elements, such as the sustainable development of packaging and giving priority to the use of safe and convenient coating technology, can improve brand loyalty, enhance credibility and improve overall business results.

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