Flexible Packaging gravure printing industry has become a target. Is the future an abyss or an opportunity?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-02-27

In recent years, the competitive pressure of flexible packaging gravure printing industry has been increasing, and it is also affected by upstream industries (Raw and auxiliary materials)And downstream enterprises (Customer) Under the influence of this, the living space of flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises is constantly squeezed. Labor costs continue to rise, employees flow frequently, and homogenization competition is becoming more and more fierce. The bigger test is that the flexible packaging gravure printing industry must face more and more regulatory constraints related to environmental protection, safety, health, etc. In 2013 and the first half of 2014, although the operating income of leading and some key enterprises in the industry increased, the profits hardly increased or even showed negative growth. However, many small and medium-sized enterprises' operating income and profit indicators have both declined, and even the load rate of newly replaced equipment is at a seriously low level.

In this harsh situation, more and more flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises have begun to realize that, enterprises must really pay attention to understand the real demand for flexible packaging of goods, must carry out structural adjustment of packaging, and must carry out transformation and upgrading in order to have room for improvement. However, under the background of environmental protection, the transformation of flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises from traditional processors to overall solution providers is a historical opportunity facing the flexible packaging gravure printing industry.

The difficulties and development opportunities faced by the flexible packaging gravure printing industry

1. Low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction

packaging and printing industry is one of the key industries for air pollution prevention and control in China, with a total VOC emission of about 600 tons per year. The emission of organic waste gas from flexible packaging gravure printing industry not only leads to waste of renewable resources, but also exacerbates environmental pollution. In the past year, in response to the serious smog phenomenon, the state and local relevant departments have successively promulgated a number of policies and measures related to environmental protection.

at the same time, some international terminal enterprises have also successively formulated sustainable packaging strategies, requiring more and more packaging material suppliers to low carbon. Carbon footprint has become the hottest topic today. Some international customers may require flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises to provide data on carbon dioxide emissions from packaging products. At the same time, the international carbon footprint, carbon label and other systems have also put great pressure on the development of domestic flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises.

Therefore, low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction is not the trend and prospect, but the reality that flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises must face.

2. Health Safety and Health issues

with the continuous progress of social material civilization and spiritual civilization, human beings pay more attention to food safety, and the safety control of food packaging is gradually increasing, the requirements for the hygiene and functional safety of packaging materials are becoming more and more strict, and the scope of protective functions of packaging materials is gradually expanding. For example, many customers require packaging material suppliers to provide certificates of biological safety and chemical stability of packaging materials issued by authoritative departments. At present, with the rapid improvement of people's requirements for the safety and health of flexible packaging, it has become a strong demand of the whole society to advocate green packaging and call for environmental protection and safe packaging materials and technologies.

3. Cost pressure

The main raw and auxiliary materials of flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises, such as plastic resin, plastic film, ink, adhesive, solvent, etc. , are all petroleum products, prices are rising and have been running at a high level.

In recent years, the flexible packaging gravure printing industry wage levels increased significantly, the rapid rise in labor costs will further compress the survival space of small flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises. The post-80s and post-90s have become an important force in the gravure printing industry of flexible packaging, while the working environment of the gravure printing industry of flexible packaging is relatively poor, the income is relatively low, and the responsibility requirements for operators are relatively high, the attraction to some young people is relatively weak, which directly leads to the loss of industry backbone and disorderly flow of personnel, bringing difficulties to the human resources management of enterprises.

4. The concentration of terminal enterprises is getting higher and higher, and more and more powerful

International multinational companies entering the Chinese market rely on abundant capital strength and advanced marketing means, occupy a larger market share. These multinational companies also tend to choose their partners in the international market in the choice of flexible packaging suppliers, which brings opportunities to domestic foreign-funded flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises.

with the increasing concentration of the terminal market industry, the merger and combination of enterprises in the food, daily chemical, agricultural materials and other industries in the domestic market is gradually creating a number of large-scale packaging enterprises.

entering the era of low profit, due to the fierce competition in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries, in order to reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of products, these terminal enterprises require their suppliers (Including flexible packaging gravure Enterprises) Constantly lowering the price of products, especially some large-scale, well-branded joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises, should evaluate their suppliers every year, and on this basis, put forward the requirement of a certain price drop, if flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises cannot meet their requirements, they are likely to face the 'danger' of losing customers '.

5. The competition in the same industry is increasing

In China's flexible packaging gravure market, small and medium-sized enterprises occupy the vast majority, because the product technology is not high or similar, the competition is very fierce, owners of all enterprises tend to focus on cost reduction while ignoring technological innovation and product hygiene requirements.

all these emerging external factors will increase the cost burden of flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises and minimize their profits (Unless it masters a unique processing technology). If flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises want to seek opportunities for survival and development, they must take the road of technological innovation. The profit of the opportunity market is far greater than the profit from the competitive market.

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