Food packaging bags of sugar food packaging

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-25
< p > < / p > < p > sugar packaging need to antioxidant food packaging bags. What is the antioxidant bags? Is to prevent food for oxidation of bags. < / p > < p > everyone love to eat sugar, adults children love to eat, New Year's day is a holiday, sugar is gift choice for Chinese people. Impression that there are bulk fructose, useful fruit of food packaging bags, and joyful. Sugar in the early stage of China is one of the first countries to sugar in the world. Sugar yield more than 100000 tons of sugar group for 20, 6. 7 million tons of total sugar, total sugar yield of 67%. The sugar market demand is very big, especially when the Chinese New Year, Chinese people will buy bags of sugar as a gift, why did they choose to have food packaging bags of sugar, not bulk, because the Chinese face saving, like packing pretty decent, a fine candy packaging, need on food packaging manufacturers. < / p > < p > candy food packaging bags, in addition to the outer packing, candy and small package. Candy is soluble, the surface sticky, easy to melt exposed to air, small packaging is a block adhesion effect. With a large, packaging bags, the bags have a adornment effect, the second is to cut off the air, again avoiding candy be affected with damp be affected with damp. < / p >
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