Food packaging is how to make a beautiful?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-18
Food packaging bags filled in every aspect of our lives, and in each big supermarket, we often see all kinds of food packaging bags, someone will think, how these beautiful food packing bag is made of? : 1, food packaging design in the company, after receiving orders from customers' packaging company can according to customer requirements to design a bag of product features, beautiful, attract consumers to purchase desire bag layout design. 2, plate-making: when determining design drawings, good bag is according to the drawings of some size, color, etc on the production of food packaging printing machine need to use copper plate, how many root version is generally determined by the color on the draft packing bags of, how many colors are close to do a few root version, special circumstances, a few color can also be combined in a single version. 3, the layout of printing: printing on the packaging printing bag, the first is the first layer of the bag, which was carried out on the first floor material printing, you want to learn more the knowledge of the packaging materials, you can view our food packaging material and bags scope of application are introduced. 4, composite, composite on the bag we need to do two kinds of materials together, is used to do the bag material according to the customer, use 2 kinds, with a single compound, three will need to use compound second, and so on, composite, bag was probably formed. 5, curing, cutting bag: the compound, the material we want to stick together such as curing, cooling down, down to do this is to the roll of a roll packing film ( Some customers as long as do the roll of film, there is no need for cutting bag) , cutting bag making is to use the machine packaging film bag each one separately, and finally to make into the bag, do the down bag is what we often see on market of food packaging bag. 【 Vacuum bag] 【 Aluminum foil bag]
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