Food packaging new old alternate feasible

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-24
Old products in the process of sales, in order to adapt to the market, we will adjust the booking of food packaging, in the process of change we're going to have some new problems, such as the content modification, inside and outside the bag is used together with old and new problems, and so on. A, outside a single food packaging change food packaging bags of old and new problems in use is feasible, but if the content has changed, we will pay attention to, careless slightly may be illegal. Attention should be paid to the change of the content, according to the food safety law, such as nutrition ingredients, nutrition function claims that the standard terms shall not be censored, add, and merged, cannot any more. In addition to the nutrients, print ads, must not contain any false, exaggerated, shall not be involved in disease prevention and treatment function. Second, supporting the use of new and old food packaging problems in the process of sales, pre-sales of food packaging that will inevitably change, as long as we follow the provisions of 'food safety' related to use the old and new food package inside the bag is feasible, but in order to have a good user experience, avoid booking inside and outside packing bag printing content, to the user feels weird! So food sack best supporting change. For more food packaging problems consult southern new customer service, welcome your calls!
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