Food packaging protection and choice methods

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-23
Now people's standard of living is constantly improving, people to the requirement of the quality of life also becomes higher, it also makes the use of food packaging bags become more widely, but the food packaging bags are how to protect to keep it to use for longer periods of time? How do we choose food packaging bags? Food sack four protection methods: 1. Due to large food bags under the influence of temperature, therefore, bear in mind that try not to put them in the sun to direct to the place, because of the strong ultraviolet radiation aging can accelerate food packaging bags. 2. Food packaging must try to avoid bursts hot and cold, this can prevent food bags heat bilges cold shrink and shorten life. 3. Remember, don't put wet food packaging bags, air circulation, so it is easy to rot bags, and then affect the use of it. 4. For some long time unused food packaging bags, be sure to check them carefully for cracks, and then begin to use. Above is the four protection methods of food packaging bags, we are in common use, be sure to remember this method, so as to make your bags have a better life. Food packaging selection method of vacuum bag class is numerous, categories can be divided into industrial packaging and food packaging. Product standards of food vacuum bag requirements was obviously higher than that of ordinary industrial products, correct selection of food vacuum bag, should note what respect? Food in food packing bags must have the Chinese label, label producer name and address, product name, and indicate the 'food' in obvious places. Products quality certificate are provided after they go out. Food with food packaging factory is no smell, no peculiar smell, food packaging bags with special smell, cannot be used for food packaging. Colored food packaging bags, The current market with dark red or black color etc. ) Cannot be used for food packaging. Because this kind of food packaging is often made of recycling plastic. As far as possible choose without coating, coating materials. Modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful, corrosion resistant, with coating material is widely used. This not only brings to the after product scrap material recycling and reuse of the difficulties, but most of the paint itself has toxicity, if people eating the packaging of food, can produce very big harm to people body. Coating, plating process also brings great pollution to the environment. Generated when the volatile solvent toxic gases such as coating, electroplating heavy metal waste liquid and waste residue containing chromium pollution, etc. Therefore, we should try to choose without coating, coating of packaging materials. Choose best food to the shopping mall to buy, do not go to the street stalls to buy. Due to the nature of food with food packaging is not easy to degrade, can cause environmental pollution, therefore, when food shopping, had better choose green packaging material. Paper is currently the most widely used green packaging material. When the choose and buy food, therefore, it is advisable to had better choose the original paper packaging, biodegradable plastics. 【 Aluminum foil bag] 【 Vacuum bags 】
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