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by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-07-31
The competitive business world today, recognizes customer relationships as a key player. Irrespective of the trade, market or industry sector, the customer's positive impression is vital. Quality products alone do not suffice the customer's today. The level of customer service, availability of proper distribution network and timely and speedy delivery are major factors, which pave way for a positive feedback. Lack of any of these creates a gap, which is difficult to cover up. The order fulfilment services come in to bridge this gap between manufacturer and customers. Companies that offer fulfilment solutions range in terms of the services they offer. It varies from handling corporate businesses, activities like product fulfilment, literature fulfilment, mailing fulfilment and order fulfilment to complete inventory management,warehousing, product packaging and shipping. With a wide range of products on offer, these companies are also equipped to customize packaging options. The recent trend has seen the fulfilment companies handling customer queries too as a special service called response handling. In other words, the fulfilment services take care of all the important aspects of business besides production. Of all the operations undertaken by the fulfilment solution providers, the order fulfilment is the most important and challenging task. This process involves generating & tracking of orders, storage & warehousing of goods and materials and packaging and shipping of the products. The most important being storage and warehousing of goods, as the success of the business is dependent on these factors. Hence, these operations are generally assigned to professionals in the field of materials management, who provide a complete all-round fulfilment solution. They ensure that clients invest least in costly and excess inventory. Besides this the storage of items with limited shelf life are very much controlled. With the retail marketplace facing high levels of global competition, maintaining a supply chain is the challenge faced by the production companies. Outsourcing retail order fulfillment requirements to organizations handling exclusive supply chain and fulfillment services will help to reduce overhead costs and time besides providing for opportunities to focus more on core business issues. Experts in this field offer customers a number of supply chain fulfillment solutions, which includes Inventory control, Order management, retail packaging, Custom Labeling, Distribution, retail warehousing, freight tracking and management,AReturns ManagementAand on-line enquiry and reporting. Such systems ensure lower overheads and a flexible retail configuration for the customers at large.
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