Future Of Packaging Stand Up Pouches And Pet Bottles

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-07-31
We are living the millennium where everything has to be fast and easily approachable by the consumer. All the products available in the market nowadays require an input of several man hours and machinery work. It has become very much important for the companies to satisfy the consumer needs to withstand very tough competition in the market. Stand-up pouches are now slowly replacing the pet bottles, pet bottles are very handy and convenient to use but the stand up pouches saves the manufacturing cost overall. The advantage of using laminate stand up zipper pouches is its ability to stand on a shelf for maximum sales impact through its packaging up pouch design. It folds flat before filling. This means great savings on freight and storage space in stand up zipper pouches. Zipper-bag is an Eco-friendly product with 75% less plastic than a rigid container. Products are well protected by the various lamination, and the printing inks are sandwiched within the layers. The above-mentioned Stand up Pouches offer longer shelf life. If you compare it to traditional packaging materials such as cans and bottles, bags stand-up (stand up zipper pouch), an economic package solution offering with additional benefits: Reduced packaging weight by around 70% lower shipping costs = Reduced storage space = Lower warehouse costs = Reduction of the excess volume Empty bags filled to 97% less space than rigid alternatives! Stand up bag, or SUP (stand up bag), have changed the face of consumer product packaging. The wide face of stand-up pouches (SUP) is perfect for a sophisticated label or a quality print design. There are three basic types of stand bags (zip lock bags are at the top): ROUND BOTTOM STAND UP POUCH - Round bottom gusset stand up pouches are one of the most common bags in existence. In a round bottom gusset stand up pouches, it is welded to the edge of the material that gives the support that hold ups the package and it 'may be' in position. Almost all the bags on our list of stock available for immediate shipping pouches are round bottom gusset. K-SEAL STAND UP POUCH - when a bag reaches a certain size, it was not for him holding the weight of the product while resting on the edge of the seal material is possible. In this case, the type of bottom that is caused, a K-seal is known. The largest are at the top with the zipper bag formed, is also a K-Seal bottom. PLOW STAND UP POUCH - underside of the plow is called a corner seals. This type of pouch has grown rapidly in popularity especially among food packagers and granular items like sugar and bath salts. In this case, sits the material that is in the package directly on the shelf.
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