General vacuum packaging concept

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-19
< p> < / p> < p> vacuum bags, just as its name implies is to add the product to the tightness packaging containers, air drawn to the inside of the container, the seal after the container to the expected vacuum degree of a kind of packing method. < / p> < p> vacuum bag, also known as vacuum packaging, is to take out all the air in the container seal, maintain bag at high stress state, the rare air of low oxygen effect, make no microorganisms living conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of fruit fresh, disease-free corrosion occurs. The current application of plastic bag vacuum packing, the aluminum foil packing, glassware, etc. Can choose according to item packaging materials. Because the fruit is fresh food, is still in the respiration, altitude hypoxia can cause physiological diseases, therefore, less fruit class use vacuum packing. Vacuum packing, simple and clear to say it is the most important role is the oxygen, so as to prevent food spoilage. < / p> < p> the principle of vacuum packaging is simple. Food metamorphism is the main reason causing mold caused by microbial activity, and microorganisms, Such as mold and yeast) Survival is need oxygen, vacuum packing is using this principle, the packaging and food within the cell oxygen smoke, lose microbial survival environment. At the same time, it also prevents the food make sour food, deterioration due to oxidation, to achieve the effect of food storage and preservation for a long time. < / p> < p> main material of food vacuum packaging material properties, a direct impact on the changes of the storage life of food and taste. In vacuum packing, choose good packaging material is the key to the success of packaging. 【 Food packaging 】 < / p> < p> since about vacuum packing material, it is essential to the material classification, the following is suitable for vacuum packing of the material characteristics: < / p> < p> a, including PE is suitable for the use of low temperature, RCPP is suitable for high temperature cooking makes; < / p> < p> 2, PA is to increase the physical strength, durable thorn performance; < / p> < p> 3, AL foil is to increase the blocking performance, shading; < / p> < p> 4, PET, increase the mechanical strength and stiffness. < / p> < p> and then, according to the demand, all kinds of performance, there are transparent, in order to increase the blocking performance using PVA water resistant high barrier coating. Compound type is commonly: PA/PE or PET/PE or PET/PA/RCPP RCPP also has three layers, four layers, in order to increase the material quality performance: PET/PA/PET/AL/PE RCPP PA/AL/RCPP PET/PA/AL/RCPP characteristics: high temperature cooking bags, vacuum bag used for packaging various deli meat, easy to use, health. Material: NY/PE, NY/AL/RCPP, NY/PE features: moisture-proof, heat-resistant, shading, incense, strength, apply to: food, ham, high-temperature sterilization, roast eel, fish and meat LuZhiPin curry. < / p> < p> vacuum packaging currently used the most main is thin film material, of course, there are bottled and canned. Of food used in vacuum packaging film materials, to ensure its effect on all kinds of food packaging, beautiful, economy, etc, to achieve the best state. At the same time, food vacuum packaging of material of resistance and stability of light also have higher requirements. When a material alone cannot meet these requirements, packaging is often made up by a variety of different materials. < / p>
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