High Quality UV Curable Coatings ; UV Coatings

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-07-25
UV Curable Coatings have been around for almost 50 years, but they have only recently become a major segment of the overall worldwide coating market. Today's business encounters global rivalry, high labor rates, and increased policy associated with air emissions, waste clearance, and safety and health. Therefore for a wood finisher, it is necessary to use less labor intensive finishes that can be applied and dried fast to make possible high-production speeds. They have low impact on the work and natural environment. The word UV stands for ultra violet. These UV Coating are solvent free, and are almost non volatile. They are 100% solid basis. i.e., the complete liquid converts into a solid film. UV coating fabric stays liquid unless exposed to UV light. A variety of manufacturers are using UV coatings because they offer a fast curing, high quality and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coatings 'UV coatings' means surface treatments which can be cured either by ultraviolet radiation , or by protecting the material from its critical effects. UV Coating is a very polished, lustrous coating applied to the printed paper surface and dried using ultraviolet light. The polished exterior of UV coating makes it striking and accepted for printing covers on paperback novels. There are numerous benefits associated with Ultraviolet (UV) curable coating. It can offer significant benefits for manufacturers: Application of UV Coating UV coatings are structured coating systems that provide an optimum response to some external stimulus. They react to outside conditions, such as temperature, stress, strain or the environment, in a selective way. UV curable coatings has lot of applications in paper and board, graphic arts, CD and flexo, optical fibers, automobile paints, plastic coating, wood coatings, etc. UV curable overprint varnishes are used extensively in the printing and packaging industry. UV curable inks are used in different printing equipment like flexors, offset and letterpress.
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