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High Regard from Customer


Sincerity can make a stone open -- a very charming story between I and one of our customers

Early in the morning, when I opened the mailbox, a warm letter ofpraise jumped into my eyes. This customer was really difficult to entangle at the very beginning. Since she knows neither the product nor the export procedure. So when she asked me some of the questions, I replied her patiently, then she disappeared. Several days later, she asked the same questions again. Then disappeared again. Then appeared again. Again and again, she asked the same and some more other questions. It made us very exhausted and confused. However, every time, I tried to explained to her in an easy way and made her feel easy to understand. Because she was denied by many customers, and she took me for granted that I would be another person to deny her. However, her problem was solve after my patient communication.

Like coins have two sides, when you were denied again and again, you are very disappointed, and on the other hand, you thought those who denied you were very bad.  Because of her lack of professionalism and her attitude, she certainly cannot get the support of most Chinese suppliers. However, I have seen his essence through the phenomenon, so step by step, I made myself understood. It is very interesting.

After a long negotiation, the customer finally placed an order yesterday. And the deposit came, there are still many problems they don’t understand, so I have to continue to talk to her step by step, this is the reason for receiving his praise letter early in the morning.

thank you so much for understanding....you are the best chinese supplier.  I 
don't know if you are aware how Chinese conduct their businesses...They are ***. Iam about to give up on doing business with them until I found you. I 
will keep our contact and do business with you.   
Your English is good and also your business skill but what really count is your attitude. 
confirm... shipping method that you will shipping air via courier of your 
choice. Pick the one that you have an account with.  As soon as you are 
done,,please let me know the total cost. I will have NY transfer money to you.   
Here is the address

The above is the letter from her.

I was very happy and satisfied with the feedback from our customer. As long as we treat others well, they will give us the same.Thank you for your understanding and good support, our dear customer!

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