High Speed Label Applicator - Solving The Problems?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-07-25
The thought of how the package in your hand became a package usually slips your mind, right? I'm assuming you don't look at your bread and think any thought except possibly, 'Did she put my cans on top of my bread?!' however, packaging the bread the cashier just crushed was harder than you can imagine. Labeling that bread or the box of crackers you bought was relatively easy; the hard part was not damaging the box or bread, if you find yourself in need of a machine to handle that, a high speed pressure sensitive label applicator might be your best option. Labeling machines have more problems than simple buns and boxes, they can jam up if the conveyer sends the boxes wrong, they can miss-print labels, and they can come in so many sizes that it's nearly impossible to label the packages. And most machinery companies cannot physically hold a machine for each product. So instead they purchase labeling machines that can be edited in its settings for multiple types of packages. Sometimes the machines themselves are edited and altered; sometimes it's the conveyers, and others it's the packaging that's altered. It all depends on that needs of the company. Most companies will simply alter the machine if they have the capabilities to do that. Flexible package labeling machines are made to apply labels without bubbles or wrinkles, these could handle multiple surfaces. Box and carton labeling is not as simple as you would think. It seems like flat sides would be easy to work with, but that's not the case. There are so many variables that it's just as difficult to package hard flat surfaces as it is to label soft flexible packages. So many products have so many types of packages with multiple sizes and shapes, this makes one standard machine hard to create. But some companies make their products easily editable to fit each person's needs. They can also make the labeling machine to fit the assembly line you need a machine for. Companies can now embed RFID transponders into the labels to track where the packages go and certain recorded data. These RFID transponders also can say when the product was created and what date it is best used by. When you look into renting or purchasing labeling equipment, make sure it is a certified company under Packaging Machine Manufacturers Institute. This will ensure you get the best possible product.
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