How can the traditional food packaging industry last for a long time?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-02

Food packaging bag industry is an ancient industry with very mature development. Since the ancient invention of paper packaging, people have invented plastic to replace paper through smart brains, plastic packaging bags have many characteristics that paper does not have. It is precisely because of the invention of plastic packaging bags that many foods that cannot be packaged with paper have better choices in the direction of food packaging, this is also one of the reasons why plastic packaging has been becoming more and more popular in the food packaging industry.

food packaging is a very profound knowledge. Different food needs different packaging requirements, such as rice, rice packaging bags need to have good vacuum and pressure resistance, because rice is afraid of moisture, high density and heavy weight; Another example is to soak duck claws and duck wings, which need to be sterilized at high temperature. There are special requirements for bags, which need to be made of aluminum foil, some of which need to be boiled, and nylon material must be added, in order to meet the requirements of composite packaging, etc. The long-term sustainability of the food packaging industry is precisely due to its strong pertinence, which can provide packaging bags of different packaging materials for various foods to meet the quality assurance requirements of food.

of course, the development of an industry depends on the support of government departments and the development planning and standards of its own industry, especially for the packaging bag industry that needs to contact food, corresponding policies and standards are needed. The traditional industry has reached the saturation of the market through historical development, and it is also the time for enterprises to transform and keep up with the international footsteps. How to produce products that meet the needs of the current market through technological innovation is the enduring direction of an industry.

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