How should fried potato chips be packaged?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-07

The main requirements of fried potato chips for packaging are to prevent rancidity, moisture, fragrance loss, invasion of foreign peculiar smell and pressure.

fried potato chips contain 35% ~ 40% oil, so it is especially easy to oxidize and rancidity. Add 0 to the oil. 02% BHT (Butylated hydroxyanisole)And BHT (Dibutyl hydroxy)Antioxidants can reduce the tendency of rancidity. Oxygen and light will promote the rancidity of grease. Under the influence of heating and backflow air, especially the presence of trace copper and exposure to blue light or ultraviolet rays, the oxidation rate is even more intensified.

if transparent packaging materials are used, the oxygen permeability of the packaging materials should be less than 1 ml/1. 6cm ² · 24h · 23 ℃ (Under normal pressure) Therefore, transparent packaging materials are best used in combination with aluminum foil. Nitrogen-filled packaging can inhibit the oxidation reaction of grease.

The moisture content of fried potato chips is about 3. 5%, if the moisture permeability rate of the packaging material is too high, the fried potato chips will lose their crispness due to moisture absorption. Therefore, the water vapor transmission rate of packaging materials should be lower than 0. 4g/1. 6cm ² · 24h (37. 7 ℃, 95% RH). It can be seen that moisture absorption is more prominent than oxidative rancidity.

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