How to extend stand up pouch supplier warranty?
To extend stand up pouch 's warranty, customers should have full knowledge of our warranty policy specified in the contracts signed by both parties. We regulate the warranty range, services provided, and conditions for compensation. As our product performance and style are rapidly updated, sometimes it is not necessary to require repair or replacement in a high frequency. If customers confirm to extend the warranty, contact our after-sales personnel for help who will give you a detailed explanation about the procedures and cautions.

Many clients have spoken highly of Nanxin because of our excellent quality flexible food packaging. The cup sealing film series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The quality check for Nanxin packaging film will be conducted at the final production stage. The performance evaluation in terms of its solar power generation will be conducted by the QC team. Made of food-grade material, it is safe and hygienic to pack food. Using this product makes many dangerous and heavy-load works be done easily. This also helps relieve workers' stress and workload. This biodegradable product can degrade into harmless residues within a period of times.

We constantly strive to improve customer satisfaction. We always put the principles of customer first and quality first into practice.
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