How to just can choose to apply the high temperature of the aluminum foil bag

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-20
Now everyone's life constantly improve, on the relationship between the quality of life we needed is also very care about. Particularly packaged on aspect more and more cause everyone's attention. As the saying goes, security is a natural, ha ha. If you are rich, but without the experience. The rest of your life that is hatred. So, relative let's watch hope security mainly natural living. In food, paper, exercise, etc, must be care. For the above matter. Choose and use them to normal high temperature aluminum foil bag, should be careful here: 1. High temperature aluminum foil bag outbound but no smell, no peculiar smell, when some pretty appearance of high temperature aluminum foil bag, don't or not on the paper. 2. High temperature aluminum foil bag packaging must have the Chinese character symbol, with factory name and address, product belongs to the store, there is no food in considerable etc parts with words. The products under both written in commodity inspection certificate. 3. Looking for use of food is very good to large shopping mall to buy, restraint to the street stalls to take money to buy. 4. Some colors of high temperature aluminum foil bags don't or don't use in food packaging. Because of this kind of high temperature aluminum foil bag is made of recycling plastic. 5. So high temperature aluminum foil bag difficult degradation characteristics, has caused environmental pollution, to buy food, very good good green packaging material. 6. As far as possible is very not add coating, coating of the packaging. Now in the packaging design, the purpose is to become the packing will be more beautiful, corrosion resistance, use for a long time with coating material. This not only after the product scrap material recycling and reuse of the problem, but most of the paint itself has toxicity, if everyone eating the packaging of food, there are more or less on everyone's body. But also in the process of coating, plating process for facilities condition brings great pollution. Generated when the volatile solvent toxic gases such as coating, electroplating heavy metal waste liquid and waste residue containing chromium pollution, etc. Therefore, we should try to choose without coating, coating of packaging materials. 【 Plastic bags 】 【 Vacuum bag]
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