How to make food packaging bags?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-25
Food packaging should first understand its food survey main composition, characteristics and its processing and circulation may occur in the process of intrinsic reaction, including abiotic biochemical reactions and biological corruption within metamorphic reaction mechanism, secondly should study affect the main ingredient in food, especially fat, protein, vitamins and other nutritional ingredients of sensitive factors, including light, oxygen, temperature, microbes, the influence factors of physical, mechanical, etc. Only mastered the biological factors of packaged food, determine its protection requirement, can choose right there are many different kinds of packaging materials, food packaging materials packaging technology, the performance is different, therefore, only by understanding the packaging performance, a variety of packaging materials and containers can be according to the requirements of the food packaging protective choice both can protect the food flavor and quality, and can reflect the value of goods, and make comprehensive reasonable packaging materials packaging costs. High temperature sterilization, for example, food should choose high temperature resistant packaging materials, and low temperature frozen food is food packaging should choose low temperature resistant materials. 【 Plastic bags 】
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