How to operate gusseted coffee bags ?
Follow the Instructions while operating gusseted coffee bags . If you need help, phone us for necessary technical guidelines for operation and maintenance.

Owing to the development of rigorous management system, Nanxin has made amazing improvement in flexible food packaging business. The spout pouch series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The quality control of Nanxin gusset bag is conducted rigorously. It is tested in terms of its air circulation, surface treatment, as well as the most important part, thermal dissipation performance. The product is inert to acidic food. It has an additional stain-resistant finish. If stains do start to appear, they can be washed out easily thanks to our special treatment. The nice printing color and pattern design can boost sales in a competitive environment.

We partner with our employees on sustainable plans. We invest time and money in training employees on the importance of sustaining the environment, aiming to encourage them to save resources and reduce emissions.
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