Important Characteristics of Polystyrene Which

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-07-23
Polystyrene has become an indispensable part of our lives because we see it everywhere around us. Whether we are buying electronics, a handicraft item, crockery, jewellery, furniture or any type of commodity, polystyrene enters our house in some or the other form. Sometimes as a packaging material, as a filling in the cushions and sometimes inside the electronics like refrigerators for insulation purposes, this resin cannot be ignored easily. Sheets, blocks, strips, pads, there are innumerable shapes and types, in which polystyrene can be found in the market. Let us have a look at the properties of polystyrene that has made it a requisite part of our lives. Extremely light weighted: The actual weight of polystyrene is close to zero because it is made up of 98% air. This property makes it very easy to handle. It is because of this attribute that this resin is used extremely in the packaging industry. Even though it gives protection to the packaged protect, it doesn't add on to the total weight of the shipment, saving a lot of money during transportation. Polystyrene is convenient as extra weight means extra charges for freight and carriage. Further, polystyrene is also used for insulation and due its light weight, it becomes very easy to install. Non edible: It is this attribute that has made it an important component of the industry where all the edible items are prepared. You have got it right, food industry. Polystyrene is used extensively in making disposable plates, vending cups, glasses etc. because it doesn't attract rodents and pest and doesn't lead to the growth of algae or fungi even if it is exposed to moisture. Flexible but sturdy: Due to its flexibility, polystyrene can be moulded in any shape or size. Further, its strength is a requisite characteristic for insulation applications. Polystyrene can be molded into any form when it is manufactured and once it is crafted in a shape, it retains that shape forever. Low water absorption: As already discussed,polystyrene suppliers are used extensively in insulation application. You must have seen polystyrene sheets inside the casserole. The reason is its low water absorption. Even if this resin is completely saturated, it is able to retain approx. 80% of the thermal value. Can be fitted anywhere: Polystyrene can be cut even in the smallest size and thus can be fitted anywhere. From school practical models to house decorations, polystyrene can be cropped to prepare any shape. Thermal resistant: This property has made polystyrene an inevitable part of insulation practice. It is widely used as insulating material in buildings, houses and commercial structures. Due to its thermal property it saves a lot of money on electricity and fuel bills that would otherwise be required to heat or cool down the temperature of the house. To know more about unique uses of polystyrene visit us at:, and get to know what all you can do with this wonderful product.
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