Introduction of procedures for food enterprises to make food packaging bags

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-02-27
Food has always been one of the mainstream industries in major industries. There is a saying in China that 'food is the most important thing for the people'. Without food, there would be no present. With the development of society and science and technology, ready-to-eat food can no longer satisfy human beings. A kind of food packaged in food packaging bags has been invented, which greatly prolongs the shelf life without affecting the quality of food. So, what are the specific operating procedures and procedures for those food enterprises that want to make food packaging bags?

First of all, food enterprises should understand what products are packaged and have different packaging methods for different products, tea is generally vacuum packaged, meat such as soaked chicken feet generally need to be steamed and packaged, and some need to highlight the color and authenticity of the product to use transparent packaging, if it is the first time to make a packaging bag, I don't know which type of bag I need, so I can consult the packaging factory or refer to the packaging of my peers. Secondly, after understanding the packaged products, food enterprises need to set the specifications, materials and thickness of the bags. The specifications depend on the weight of the food to be packaged. The materials and thickness can be customized, there are some materials that can be customized, so these need to be determined before making the packaging bag. Finally, it is to determine what information to be printed on the food packaging bag, such as ingredients, production date, etc.

after confirming this information, you can find some more powerful packaging manufacturers online or through the introduction of friends, if you give the information you have determined to the personnel of the packaging factory, they can quote you, and the price you quote depends on whether you are making a packaging film or a bag, the price of the film is calculated by yuan/kg, and the bag is calculated by Yuan/piece, which is different. If you are satisfied with the price, you can also ask the packaging factory to send some sample bags of the same material, specification and thickness to the food enterprise to see the printing effect and the delicacy of the bag, do the final confirmation of the strength of the packaging factory, if it is good, you can officially place an order.

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