Kraft paper, food sack and ordinary kraft paper bags?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-17
Now more and more people are using kraft paper as bags, the main reason is that kraft paper as the packing to give people a simple restoring ancient ways, environmental protection, and not lack of fashionable life concept. Because influenced by these ideas, consumers in choosing a product is more is kraft paper packaging instead of the plastic packaging material, so that many businesses to join kraft paper bags with boom, including daily necessities, clothing, footwear, food and other industries most widely used. Today we said kraft paper, food sack and common difference between a brown paper bag! Ordinary kraft bag is made of pure paper, may all the degradation, but also have shortcomings, such as unable to bear the weight of the larger, water proofing property is poor, cannot be directly printed, if is used to hold food, the oil is not good, and also can't direct contact with food. Pure kraft paper, kraft paper bags just solved the problem. There are kraft paper, kraft paper bags and a layer of PE film compound and into. Also known as kraft paper, composite bags. Kraft paper compound food bag is to be able to have direct contact with the food without pollution, it has a good waterproof paint, printing effect and the plastic bags there is not much difference, because the plastic pitch than kraft paper bag, so bearing quality would be improved, like kraft paper compound rice bags bearing can be more than 20 kg. Defect is not absolutely degradation, of course. Compared with the plastic bag is a lot better! Today's market kraft paper production cost is very high, now believe that the future of kraft paper production process will be more and more mature, the cost is relatively lower, making more and more businesses are for kraft paper bags are inexpensive and become the first choice for product packaging!
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