Lead to food packaging bags roll become warped seven reasons and solutions

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-22
Some food sack packing product will appear after roll become warped problem such as uneven deformation, cause these phenomena will be what reason be? How should we refuse? < / p> < / p> believe that there are many food manufacturers will more or less encountered this kind of situation, after packed in plastic food packaging products packaging surface integral roll become warped, bag, such as deformation, uneven packaging what are the main reasons of these problems we should be how to solve? < / p> < / p> first of all, to say the main cause of packing roll become warped, deformation, etc: 1, the surface of substrate membrane poor heat resistance; 2, composite composite substrate tension in the process of matching control improper, cause there are residual stress after the curing finalize the design, especially when composite membrane thickness thinner is more likely to occur such failures; 3, the thickness of the composite membrane inconsistent; 。 4, insufficient cooling; 5, the curing time is not enough; 6, the longitudinal heat sealing parts, composite film path is not straight, 7, heat sealing temperature too high or heat sealing time is too long; < / p> < / p> then since we already know the reason why you should make the corresponding adjustment to this, avoid to cause unnecessary loss, the following are some of the coping methods: we summarize 1, reselect surface film base material, don't keen on gaining petty advantages choose slightly looking material; 2, adjust the tension of composite processing equipment parts, make two phase composite substrate retraction rate are equal; 3, adjust the floating roller tension, when do thickness consistent as far as possible; 4, fully cooling; 5, sufficient for curing, but also can not make the material overripe otherwise easy to cause adhesion, this degree must grasp well; 6, choose photosensitive base material with low temperature heat sealing; 7 will heat sealing temperature adjustment to the appropriate temperature. < / p> < / p> above are the cause of food bag after products will roll become warped and some available for decisive problem, hope the above would be helpful to your place. < / p>
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