New trend of tea beverage packaging materials

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-06
There are many kinds of packaging materials for tea drinks sold in the domestic market, mainly PET bottles and aluminum cans. This is mainly because the market of tea drinks in China has just changed from a striking period to a growing period. Enterprises that used tinplate three-piece cans as the packaging of tea drinks in the early days have gradually faded out of the market due to high product costs and high selling prices. Heat-resistant PET bottle tea beverage has simple processing technology, easy quality control and easy start-up for small and medium-sized enterprises. Aluminum cans are affected by the strong sales of carbonated tea beverages in China, and their annual consumption in tea beverages is very considerable.

some manufacturers use non-heat-resistant PET bottles as tea beverage packaging containers, but the quality of most products is not very good, during the shelf life, there will be serious Browning, precipitation and deterioration of tea color. This is because most manufacturers use mineral water filling line as the production equipment of PET bottled tea beverage, but at present, the equipment of mineral water filling line is not suitable for aseptic filling of tea beverage or hot filling at about 60℃, and its stability is poor, the filling environment is also unstable, prone to secondary pollution, resulting in excessive bacteria, tea deterioration.

at present, Taiwan-funded enterprises basically use sterile Tetra Pak as tea beverage packaging, such as unification, Master Kang, life, etc, in addition, such as Sun Risheng, Huiyuan, Shenhui and huierkang are also adopted. These manufacturers have relatively strong financial strength and rich experience in tea beverage production. Their products have good taste, stable quality and optimistic sales situation, and have a high market share in China's tea beverage sales in recent years.

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