How To Choose The Bags You Want

Flat Bottom Bag
Flat bottom bag is one of most popular packing format in the coffee industry. It is easy to fill and offer more design space with five visible side. It generally with side zipper, can be resealable and extends the freshness of your products. Adding the valve, can help the air out from the bag to keep the coffee more fresh.
The only downside to this bag is more complex to make and higher cost, you can weigh up your branding and budget to choose it.1

Side Gusseted Bag
It is a traditional packing type for coffee also, more suitable for large qty of coffee. It tend to have a flat bottom effect and can be stand up after filling. It is usually seal by heat seal or tin tie, but this is not as effective as a zipper and can’t keep the coffee fresh long, it will be more suitable for heavy coffee users.7

Stand Up Bag/ Doypack
It is a common type for coffee also, and tends to be cheaper. It is a bit round at the bottom, almost like a can, and flat at the top, allow to stand up. It also typically has a zipper can be resealable to keep coffee fresher.

Post time: Oct-21-2022

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