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The recently concluded 6th World Smart Conference focused on the theme of “New Era of Intelligence: Digital Empowerment, Smart Winning Future”, and released a number of cutting-edge technologies, application results and industry standards around the frontier areas of artificial intelligence and smart manufacturing. How can the printing industry, with smart manufacturing as the main direction, explore new dynamics from the Sixth World Smart Conference? Listen to the experts from the cutting-edge technology and data applications to explain the two aspects.

At the Sixth World Smart Conference held in Tianjin recently, which was held in a combination of online and offline, 10 “excellent cases of smart technology innovation and application” were released. “Ltd. was successfully selected as the only selected case in the printing industry. The company focuses on building an ecosystem for small-volume printing and packaging and personalization, and has developed the core capability of acquiring, processing and delivering large-scale and small-volume orders under the innovation of manufacturing model.
Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the demand for printing and packaging personalization has further increased, requiring the market to be correspondingly flexible and responsive. The foreign printing and packaging industry has accelerated the pace of business and market reconfiguration, using digital and intelligent technologies to transform, upgrade and reconfigure. The pace of digital intelligence in the domestic printing industry has accelerated and become the consensus of the majority of industry colleagues.
Technology integration
Really control the law of intelligence
Printing intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, is the specific application of Industry 4.0 in the industry, is a systematic model innovation, is a systematic technology integration innovation. The so-called model innovation, is the traditional production and sales model on the concept of innovation, need to be re-examined from the manufacturing value logic stage, from quality, improve the process and then the whole life cycle up to create value for customers.
Technology integration innovation, on the other hand, is based on traditional technology, under the guidance of the printing intelligent manufacturing model, the integrated use of automation, information technology, digitalization, intelligence, networking and other technologies for integration and reinvention. Among them, automation is a traditional technology, but in continuous innovation application. The application of feedback control technology based on neural networks, combined with printing color science, using image detection, considering models, controllers, extraction and transfer, self-monitoring and self-optimization in the printing process, thus realizing closed-loop monitoring of printing quality, has made progress.
The key to intelligence is data acquisition and processing. Data is divided into three categories: structured data, semi-structured data and unstructured data. Finding laws from the data, replacing the traditional manufacturing experience transfer model and establishing a digital model is the core of intelligent manufacturing. At present, many printing enterprises on the new information software, but did not form the logical route of knowledge generation and transfer and use, so in the implementation of digital intelligence process seems to “see the trees but not the forest”, which is not really control to the law of intelligence.
Bright results
The innovation of leading enterprises has been effective
In recent years, some of the leading enterprises in the field have been exploring new models and concepts of intelligent manufacturing, adopting new technology integration, combining their respective enterprise processes and management procedures, and achieving real performance in the implementation of digital intelligence.
Among the smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects and excellent scenes of smart manufacturing selected at the national level, Zhongrong Printing Group Co., Ltd. was selected to the list of smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which mainly interconnects through intelligent automated production lines, builds an intelligent logistics system, including the industry’s largest single three-dimensional warehouse, builds a production operation management platform and a networked manufacturing resource collaboration platform, etc.
Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zidan Food Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd. were selected for the list of excellent scenes of intelligent manufacturing in 2021, and the names of typical scenes are: accurate quality tracing, online operation monitoring and fault diagnosis, advanced process control, and flexible configuration of production lines. Among them, Anhui Xinhua Printing applied innovation to the parameter presetting and data analysis processing of the production line system, built modular flexibility capability, constructed the collaborative operation of production line and information system, used 5G and other network technologies for production line data transmission, and created Anhui Xinhua Smart Printing Cloud.
Xiamen Jihong Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Jinjia Group Co., Ltd, Heshan Yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. have carried out fruitful exploration in production line automation and intelligence of key process links. Ltd., Beijing Shengtong Printing Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd. have carried out innovative practices in the intelligent layout of factories, post-press and material transfer intelligence.
Step by step exploration
Focus on printing intelligent manufacturing model
In response to the development of the printing industry and the continuous changes in the economy and society, printing smart manufacturing requires continuous adjustment of implementation strategies. Focus on intelligent manufacturing mode, around production and operation and services, innovative exploration of customer-oriented multi-mode, hybrid mode, and even the future-oriented meta-universe ecological model.
From the overall layout design, special attention should be paid to the construction of a synergy and control platform. In the future, the key to innovation and upgrading of printing enterprises lies in conducting resource synergy, centralized and distributed control. The integrated application of adaptive and flexible manufacturing solutions, VR/AR, artificial intelligence, big data, 5G-6G and other technologies is the pivot of the system layout of smart manufacturing.
Specifically, the construction of digital model based on digital twin is the soul of digitalization and the premise of intelligence. Under the concept of human-machine collaboration, symbiosis and coexistence, the construction of digital models of factory layout, process, equipment and management is the core of intelligent manufacturing. Knowledge generation and transmission from manufacturing to service, integrated use of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies to improve quality and efficiency, and human-oriented is the goal of intelligent manufacturing.

Post time: Sep-26-2022

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