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Black and white draft, color draft review is one of the important work of the soft package factory, is to ensure that the subsequent processes are carried out properly, the main basis for the production of customer satisfaction packaging bags.

Top 12 elements to look for when reviewing black and white manuscripts

1. Review the pocket type of the manuscript. Different bag types have different typesetting.

2. Review the specification size of the manuscript, that is, the finished size of the bag unfolded and the size of each part (including the heat lamination). Finished size is the sum of the heat-laminated size and pattern size.

3. Review the pattern in the manuscript. The pattern in the black manuscript must have a sense of beauty, all rough lines, interrupted strokes, unconventional patterns, small words and empty, small patterns that are not easy to carve out should be corrected (contact with the customer by experience), except for special effects.

4. Review the position of the graphics in the manuscript. The arrangement and layout of the text and patterns in each place should be clear and reasonable, and the text, trademark, barcode, etc. should not be too close to the edge of the heat seal or the edge of the bag.

5. Review and proofreading of text.

6. Chinese characters. To meet the simplified Chinese characters and grammar standards, hanyu pinyin to meet the requirements, the abolition of dialect pinyin, special circumstances to confirm.

7. foreign language. To comply with national regulations, domestic products, foreign language shall not be larger than Chinese characters, foreign language information must be clear text, easy to understand, such as Japanese, Russian, French, Arabic, etc. must have a standard planting word, before it can be used as a basis for typesetting. Because of the arbitrariness and irregularity of handwriting, so handwritten body can not be directly used as the basis for plate-making, especially Japanese, Russian, Arabic, etc.

8. text font. Black draft is handwritten text, must be clearly marked with what font.

9. text size. Black manuscript with handwritten text must be clearly marked size, small Song font should not be used.

10. composition. All electrical division or additional drawings to be placed in the manuscript, must be used in pencil on the black manuscript to create a clear outline drawing, used to understand the placement of electrical division or additional drawings and take the size and direction of the drawing.

11. Instructions. If the black and white manuscript needs to be revised and adjusted in a certain place, the additional instructions provided must be clearly and neatly written and correspond to the need for revision in the black manuscript.

12. film. As a black manuscript, it can be used as the basis for plate making. Pay attention to the above-mentioned issues such as specifications, size, text, etc. Pay attention to the film to conform to the gravure printing process, and in addition, pay attention to the protection of the film, which must not be scratched or damaged.

7 key elements to keep in mind when reviewing color manuscripts

1. material of color manuscript. Color manuscript has hand-drawn color manuscript, print color manuscript, etc., no matter what kind of material, as the basis of color separation, must be clear to examine the number of each color, if the color is too different from the intaglio sample color book, to the customer clearly.

2. the color of the color manuscript. Generally with black, blue, red, yellow, white five-color composition, special circumstances with one to three spot colors, there are also full spot-color manuscripts.

3. spot color must provide the color scale, or use the standard color mark the corresponding value. If there is a spot color hanging network, must be marked which color is the solid base, that is, 100% spot color; if the original spot color, now changed to inter-color or complex color, the customer should explain the difference between spot color and inter-color, complex color.

4. if there is no color manuscript, black and white manuscript must be marked with the color into or paste the color check color label.

5. small text, fine lines shall not be overprinted, small trademarks shall not be overprinted in multiple colors, pay attention to color change when pressing color.

6. color manuscript is not easy to see the white version of the practice, so the white version must be carefully reviewed, and make clear.

7. film as the basis for color, must have the set of film to play a good rubber sample to do support.

Post time: Nov-04-2022

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