Tell You What To Do | Pattern blurring, color loss, dirty version and other failures, all help you fix

Introduction: In aluminum foil printing, the problem of ink can cause many printing problems, such as blurred patterns, color loss, dirty plates, etc. How to solve them, this article helps you get it all done.

1、Blurred Pattern

During the printing process of aluminum foil, there is often a blurred pattern around the printed pattern and the color is very light. This is generally caused by adding too much solvent to the ink in the process of dilution. The solution is to increase the speed of the machine if the printing speed allows, and add ink to the ink tank to adjust the solvent ratio to a reasonable proportion.

2、Color Drop

In the printing process of aluminum foil, the phenomenon that the back few colors pull off the front few colors of ink, rub the print by hand, the ink will come off from the aluminum foil, this kind of problem is generally caused by poor ink adhesion, low viscosity of printing ink, too slow drying speed or excessive pressure of rubber roller.
The general solution is to choose the ink with stronger adhesion to use, or improve the printing viscosity of the ink, reasonable allocation of solvent ratio, adding appropriate fast drying agent or increase the amount of hot air to change the ratio of solvent, generally in the summer to slow dry, in the winter to fast dry.

3、Dirty Version

During the printing process of aluminum foil, a faint layer of miscellaneous colors appears on the part of the foil without patterns.
Dirty plate is a common problem in the gravure printing industry, which is generally analyzed and solved from four aspects: ink, printing plate, aluminum foil surface treatment, and scraper. In addition to choosing an ink more suitable for actual printing, it can also be solved by improving the surface finish of the printing plate and adjusting the angle of the squeegee.

Post time: Nov-17-2022

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