Protective Packaging Corporation Helps Keep Energy

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-07-02
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 20, 2012 PROTECTIVE PACKAGING CORPORATION HELPS KEEP ENERGY PLANT PRODUCTIVE Company provides curtains to protect workers and equipment from severe weather Carrollton, Texas, January 20, 2012 - Protective Packaging Corporation recently provided specialized curtains for a large energy provider in Dallas that enabled workers and equipment to continue working in severe weather. The heavy duty curtains were made from AT-200, a PVC coated polyester scrim that is weather resistant and has a high tensile strength. 'We were the only plant online in North Texas,' commented the plant manager. The other plants were plagued by frozen pipes while the Protective Packaging curtains provided enough protection to keep the Dallas facility's exposed pipes from freezing solid. Limiting workers' and equipment's exposure to severe temperatures and weather during the winter is a challenge many facilities face. Permanent walls or enclosures tend to be cost prohibitive and often are difficult to construct to meet industry regulations. The energy company needed an effective, flexible solution. Protective Packaging assessed the work area and determined that curtains would be needed in several areas of the plant to provide adequate protection to workers and equipment. In addition to being made of weather resistant material, the custom, industrial weather curtain contains grommets along the top edge of the material to easily attach it to structures using nylon rope. Zipper doors are also included to allow for easy access. About Protective Packaging Corporation: Protective Packaging Corporation produces moisture barrier bags for corrosion prevention and static shielding during shipping and storage. With over 25 years of developing packaging solutions with the US military, Protective Packaging Corporation carries a wide range of mil-spec compliant barrier materials available in rolls, sheets, tubes and bags. Packaging consultants assist customers in addressing all forms of customer shipping needs from protecting cargo during shipment to preserving items during long-term storage. For more information on Protective Packaging Corporation, visit Contact Information: Lucas Hanna, Business Development Manager PROTECTIVE PACKAGING CORPORATION 1746 W. Crosby Road Bldg. 108 Carrollton, Texas 75006 Tel: 1-800-806-6089 ### 'We were the only plant in North Texas that stayed online during an ice storm' Call today! 866-470-5654
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