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by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-06-29
RMK develops and manufactures innovative packaging machines that will give clients from all over the world a competitive advantage. From initial concept to finished product, this ISO and CE certified company is a dedicated business partner committed to meeting customers' food packaging requirements. The company has recently developed new solutions to boost existing products and manufacture inventive packaging machinery for emerging market segments. Through technological and design innovation, RMK provides value-added, packaging machine that include unique design features for specialized performance characteristics and product differentiation. This continues to set the company apart from other packaging machine manufacturers. At RMK, the team utilizes state-of-the art technology to provide customers with distinctive packaging machines that are cost effective, performs at the highest standards, and reduces their carbon footprint on the environment. Its knowledge and years of experience in the field have helped them cut development and design time and boost client's speed to market. RMK conducts a number of tests on each machine run to ensure that it provides maximum performance. Also, durable coatings like MS with powder coating and MS with SS cladding on machine's outer surface are being used so that they deliver long lasting services. In order to help clients successfully meet the most demanding filling and performance requirements, RMK has introduced fully automatic Lined Carton Packaging Machines. These fully automatic and high speed packing machines are equipped with Servo Driven Auger Fillers to ensure the desired suitability for carton filling and sealing of Sticky powders like spices, milk powder, glucose powder, custard powder, detergent, salt, etc. at high speed and accuracy. As per requirements, these filling machines can be used for packing three carton sizes that range from 20 gm to 1000 gm. However, if a customer needs to pack other carton sizes in the same machine, RMK provides Change Over parts. RMK's team of multi-talented design and technology professionals are some of the best in the world, producing innovative, results-driven machineries that builds and strengthens brands and drives customers' market share. The company is, at present, committed in providing customers with an excellent range of pouch-sachet packaging machines and food packaging machines for the filling and sealing requirements of industries such as food, pharma, personal care, home care and various industrial packaging requirements.
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