So you are going to be a part of a farmers market

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-06-26
Everyone loves visiting farmers markets here in San Francisco. Be it the Berkeley Farmer's Market or the San Mateo Farmer's Market, people love to shop there because they are assured that the quality produce comes straight from the farmlands in the interiors. Moreover, it is a peaceful stress-free feeling going to shop over on the weekends at your local market rather than entering a supermarket with deals, deals and more deals targeting every customer who walks in through their doors. Besides, with 'pink slime' drilled into everyone's minds by the media, everybody wants to know where their food items come from before they can buy them-first hand. People simply love farmer's markets because they consider them to be safe; which is why if you are farmer and plan to display your California-grown produce out there, be sure to have certified food handlers in place when it comes to packaging, transporting and selling your produce to and at the market. This is important as the State has made it compulsory for all food handlers to have a food handler's permit or license in California, ensuring the safe delivery of food from the farm into the hands of consumers at the markets. The State of California basically wants to ensure that the food does not get contaminated during packaging, transit or while being packed up loose at the farmer's markets; ensuring safer produce to the citizens of the state-keeping illnesses at bay. There have been occasions where consumers have consumed contaminated food which has resulted in food-borne illnesses within local communities who shop at such markets. Such instances have taken place when food handlers who deliver or pack the food have missed out on personal hygiene leading to the spread of germs on the food items during packaging and delivery. The best way to get rid of this problem is to hire food handlers who have a valid California food handler's card. If you happen to have existing workers who do not possess them, make sure they give the test and get a card as soon as possible. Getting a food handler's permit out here in sunny California is easy, even if a handler does not speak English. The simple test-available in a variety of languages-can be given online via the internet; and upon passing, a certificate can be printed out; which is immediately valid for up to 3 years from the date of issuance. How this helps you as a farmer, is that the video tutorial tells them about the dos and don'ts regarding the storage processing and handling of food along with some basic tips on maintaining hygiene at work. This goes a long way for your business and you can assure your customers that your produce is a hundred percent safe; leading to a smarter and better business practices.
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