Stand Up Pouch

We are professional stand up pouch manufacturers ans suppliers, producing high quality stand up pouch for sale. Stand up pouches are quickly becoming a staple in the flexible packaging industry for their great shelf display. The extensive collections available give customers an expensive selection and provide increased options for package design. Our wide array of stand up pouch bags make it extremely easy to customize zipper, valve location and label placement. Our standing up pouch can come with or without degassing zipper or valves to suit your packaging needs. 

These stand up pouch wholesale are available in various sizes and colors as well as matte finish and various laminate materials. Available zip closures and hang holes provide added convenience for retail showing and display, while still remaining an economical solution compared to rigid packaging applications.

Our stand up pouch good for : Snacks, Nuts, Powder, Candies, Confectioneries, Bath Salts, Spices, Coffee, Tea, Granola, Fertilizers, Pet foods and various other applications.

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