Strap Your Goods Today With Polyster

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-06-25
The method of combining two items or goods is called starpping. Applying a strap to an item is most commonly known in the packaging industry. A strap is a flexible, flat material, which is generally made up of plastic or steel substances. Practice of strapping is also known as banding or bundling, which will combine or hold the items intact. Strapping can be done by various materials like steel, polystyerene, paper, nylon etc. Hand tools and strapping machines are available for strapping the goods. After the process of strapping, the lashed cargo is loaded into trucks, wagons or vessels for its transit. Uses of strapping: As mentioneda earlier, it is widely used in the packaging industry. It is used to bale up various goods and reinforce crates. It ensures secure loading of several goods. A diverse variety of straps are used in the packaging sector these days. Warm or hot melt strapping, polyster strapping, woven strapping are few examples of these diverse methods that are in use today. All these methods of strapping are available at an affordable rate in the packaging industry. Hotmelt strapping: Hot melt straps are used for a wide range of products. These are not too rigid or too flexible. Hot Melt Strapping is weather resistant and is therefore used in out door applications like in the wood industry. Hot melt straps are also used to glue fibers in the textile industry, which is based on the number and diameter of fibers. Polyster strapping: Commonly known as poly strapping, is highly preferred practice today in the market scenario. Use of polystyrene material over steel, which is highly durable, rust proof and damage resistant makes it profusely valuable in the binding of merchendise and packing industry. Polyester Woven Strapping is resistant to various climatic conditions and there fore it is highly used in export of goods. Woven Lashing: Lashing is a conventional process where rigid materials like the poles are joined together with the help of ropes. Polyster with high tenacity is used in woven lashing, which is used to replace the conventional methods of steel strapping and rope or chain bracing. it will not rust or rot like the steel straps and also is resistant to a variety of climating conditions includiing the U.V. sources. It has a good absorption capacity, which keep the straps safe even in ruff transits. Woven Lashing is approved to be a highly secure anti split straps, which leads to find its use in international shipping lines.
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