Surface Treatments For Precision Industrial Tooling

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-06-24
The different kinds of precision industrial tooling may require different kinds of surface treatments. Different processes are used for the different materials and depend on the substrate material. The results also vary upon the kind of precision industrial tooling that is being treated. For instance, the process used for plasma surface treatment may be very different than that used in metal surface treatment. The main advantage is however, to add durability to the precision industrial tooling. Some of the popular types of metal surface treatment include - painting and plating. These days plasma surface treatment is also preferred as it is considered to be environment friendly. Before the actual treatment, the substrate has to undergone certain preparation treatment. Some of the common preparation process that is conducted includes detergent washing, paint stripping, and vapor degreasing, rumbling and shot blasting. In case of plating the substrate material that is to be treated is plated with metal. This process is especially used in aerospace industry and in the defense industry. The different kind of plating that is used by them includes zinc plating, aluminum plating, cadmium plating, bronze plating, nickel plating, metal spraying and other processes. Before you opt for any of these plating process make sure that it is apt for the substrate that has to undergo surface treatment. In case of painting treatment, wet spraying, powder coating and stoving is used on surfaces. Wet spraying and stoving is considered to be apt for the low volume work while powder coating is used for medium to high volume work. These days plasma surface treatment has become quite popular and is preferred by everyone. This kind of surface treatments is used for plastics and metal and helps in improving their adhesion and makes them more functional. This kind of surface treatments can work for almost all kinds of substrates and have a practical usage. Under this treatment ionized gas is used at low pressure or at atmospheric pressure. The plasma surface treatment is used with battery technology wherein allows the cell to respond better. It is also used for fabrics wherein it cleans the fiber and then the fabric is then printed upon. Because of the treatment, the printability improves as the ink is able to interact with the fabric. Similarly this treatment is also used for flexible packaging, solar thin film technology, RFID tagging and other things. Using the different treatments for precision industrial tooling can turn out to be very useful. You can contact companies dealing with contract electric manufacturing and they can help you with the same.
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