The application of plastic flexible packaging in packaging industry is continuously improving

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-02-29
According to the European Plastics Manufacturers Association (apme) The research report shows that in the past ten years, the average weight of plastics used for packaging has decreased by 28 tons, with an annual reduction of more than 180 tons, saving resources, of which plastic packaging films are the most effective, accounting for more than 70% of the savings, the annual consumption of packaging materials in Europe is 6640 tons, of which 1160 tons are plastic, accounting for 50% of the packaged goods.

light, soft, less waste, small space, etc. are the characteristics of plastic flexible packaging, low cost and cost effectiveness (Volume and weight per unit weight package) High, so it is more competitive than hard packaging. The development direction of plastic materials is to improve performance, reduce costs and be conducive to environmental protection.

German magazine pointed out when talking about the importance of plastic flexible packaging in food packaging that it has become a part of culture. Besides packaging, it can also prevent damage by packaging materials, reduce the requirements for safekeeping, provide information to consumers, serve customers more effectively, make goods easy for family management, storage and transportation. This can be expressed by the following figures: developing countries 30%- 50% of food is damaged in storage and transportation, while only 1% is currently damaged in developed countries in Western Europe-2%. The plastic flexible packaging market has become one of the fastest growing varieties in packaging due to its good comprehensive performance and performance-price ratio of plastic flexible packaging.

It can be seen from this that the average annual growth rate of plastic flexible packaging consumption has been higher than other packaging methods in the past and in the end, not only faster than paper packaging, but also higher than plastic hard packaging. The famous American business communications company (bcc) The data provided in the special report of 'changing public plastic flexible packaging industry' is: the total consumption of the World plastic flexible packaging market was only 631 tons in 2001, and the current consumption is the largest in food packaging, for 168 tons.

in order to improve the market competitiveness, plastic flexible packaging will be thin-walled, high-performance direction, multi-layer composite film demand growth rate faster than ordinary single-layer film. New plastic brand development and processing technology progress promote plastic flexible packaging technology progress. The application prospect of polyethylene film and biaxially oriented polypropylene film in packaging is the most promising.

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